Maternity Session–well a tiny one

Sometimes as a photographer we are at the mercy of the weather, especially in Chicago.  We have been lucky to have a record-breaking warm March, but April is coming in like a lion.  Tuesday looked like it was going to be a great day, beautiful light, in the mid 60’s, and flowers in bloom.  So we stuck with our plan to do Mary Beth’s maternity session and of course we planned it for around the golden hour (the hour or so before sunset when the light is the most beautiful).  But as the day went on the weather took a turn, the wind picked up and temperatures dropped fast.  Mary Beth arrived in the middle of this weather change.  She had dressed according to the day until that point.  We considered scratching the shoot all together, but instead decided to go ahead and shoot a few.  We lasted less than 15 minutes out there, but I am so happy with what we were able to do in that time!

Mary Beth works out on a regular basis (less since the baby belly), eats healthy and lives a healthy live style and it shows!  I just had to get a full length photo, I mean how many pregnant ladies do you know look this much in shape?  I also had to document the fact that she was out there in shorts in 55 degree windy weather!  Which is probably my fault since I suggested some work out clothes to make it more personal to Mary Beth. Sorry girl, hope you weren’t too chilly.  You rocked it!

I choose Scoville Park  in Oak Park, IL because it is a big beautiful green space and has tulips in bloom.

And now for my favorite and the one that made enduring the cold worth it!  I have a feeling this will be a favorite of mine for a long time.  Thanks Mary Beth, you are a trooper!

I can’t wait for our full shoot with some more outfits, props and variety in the posing.  Hopefully next week, we shall see how the weather holds out.


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