Where to Begin

Alex, I will take Internet for 1000: A personal journal published on the web.

Answer:  What is a blog?

I love blogs…reading them!  I have tried in the past to start blogs but I always over think them.

Then I realized I update facebook–ALOT and if I took my statuses, links, comments for the week or even a day and put them all in one place and combine that with my obsession with pinterest, my photography and daily life I could have a blog.  What kind of blog?  Good question.  I think only time will tell.  Its about where ever life takes me….hold on it could be an interesting ride.

I am a photographer, so hopefully I will share lots of photos on here.  But this won’t be just a photo blog.  I am not just a photogapher, there is a lot more about my life that happens in front of the lens.  I am a wife.  –wow that may be the first time I said that like that, as something that defines me.  I got married to a wonderful man, Jon, on 11-11-11 in Fort Myers, Florida.  I will save the full details for a monster post later.  I will say I got a different prospective of weddings from being the one in the photos not taking them.

Jon and I love playing Jeopardy, hence the opening to the blog.  We recorded it on tv and watch it later, keeping score and all.  I just love trivia, art, history and the environment are my favorite categories.  Maybe because I love them all.  I love vintage things, historic buildings, old things made new, and learning more about the past.  My husband always says I have “my crazy eco ways,”  I believe that I am not too extreme just doing little things when I can, like bringing reusable bags to the store, recycling everything I can, using reusable cups, buying green products when possible.  Do I cringe when he puts a recyclable in the trash?–yes!  Do I pull it back out?–yes!  Do I feel bad when I forget my reusable cup or bags?–yes, but I go on.  However, I am not perfect: while I love organic foods, I only buy it when it makes sense;  I love long showers and as much as I try I can’t change that; and my car doesn’t get the best gas mileage, mainly cause it’s so old.

Throughout my life on and off I have kept journals, usually in the form of handwritten entries in a notebook of sorts, but there are a few old blogs of mine out there…

And there are other points in my life that I felt too sad, too busy, too stressed to write, however looking back I wished I had because getting through those moments are what made me stronger and into the person I am today.  I wish that I also took the time to share my wedding planning process with you, but it was such a crazy experience and happened so fast–despite the long engagement.  In the end it was a perfect day and none of the stress, the details, the planning mattered.  Sorry I promise I will talk more about that later, I want to share my favorite websites, vendors and tips, so don’t worry wedding planning blog posts will be included.

Well here’s what I hope you can expect from this blog  (remind me in a year to check if I have done so)

PHOTOGRAPHY.  Of course I will post photos.  Weddings, portraits, events and maybe even some personal ones.

FOOD.  I love finding new restaurants.  I love trying new foods and enjoying our favorites.  I hope to highlight some of my picks (and Jon’s) for restaurants and hopefully some recipes to try at home–we need to work on cooking more.  I am trying to break the sweet habit, but let’s face it that may be tough, especially cupcakes.  And starting this month I am trying to set up monthly “brunch dates.”  I love love love breakfast food.  Love eggs–poached is my favorite now.  But my husband does not like breakfast, so sadly brunch isn’t a regular thing with us.  So I am inviting all my friends to get together for brunch…first “date”  is February 26th I can’t wait!   I will try to review the places we go.

HEALTH.  I lost nearly 30 pounds before my wedding.  It was all mostly lifestyle change, eating right, taking care of myself, working out.  I hope to continue those healthy ways and hope to help others find that little something inside themselves to be healthy.  I hope that I can continue along the path I am on and truly have a healthy lifestyle.

REAL ESTATE.  My husband is a real estate broker (like his facebook page) and I love architecture and design.  I love all those home shows and magazines.  HGTV you rule.

ENVIRONMENT.  Of course I may mention some green things.

CHICAGO and TRAVEL.  Love this great city.  The art, architecture, culture, food, people, sports…even the crazy weather.  It is fun to travel and hopefully I can have some really good travel posts.

BABIES??   Hopefully someday we will start a family. Sometimes we want it to be right away, sometimes we want to wait, so guess we will all be surprised.  Whenever the time is right, I will share it with you.

FIRST TIME HOME OWNERS??  Not sure how far off that is, probably more than a year.  Someday I will share with you the story of how we almost were once.  I am so excited to someday be a home owner and decorate the home and do home projects!  So when that time comes this blog will have a life of its own.  Until then I am so happy living in our special Oak Park two flat, it was so great we have lived here twice!  I imagine we will stay here now until we buy a home.  I will continue to watch the home shows, pin home stuff on pinterest and just drool

And so it begins…..


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